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My esteemed colleagues,

The entries contained herein shall constitute the contemporaneous reports of my Emeritus Field Work. While I fully intend on reporting my activities in person to The Canopy, I am aware of the mortal risks inherent in field work. Therefore, should my life’s cycle end before I make my report in person, I ask whomever reads this Foreword to ensure this journal and its contents be delivered to The Canopy in Axys.

Furthermore, it remains my intention to ultimately replace this Foreword with a formal preamble retroactively detailing the salient aspects of my research. This letter format is only for the purposes of expressing my intentions should they fail to come to fruition and should this journal, or its author, be lost.

To the scholar or scholars who archive my retrieved works, please note, I shall utilize a celestial (*) to indicate names, words, or phrases where I intend to later inscribe a Rune of Reference to easily allow my readers to access the applicable dossiers.

With Gratitude,

Adair MacConnifer, Em.

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