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Day 1 (Part 2) Canopy Date - S62,918/D43

My investigation into the break-in at the chocolate shop led me and my cohort to the offices of the Zephyr, the newspaper at which Tothar was employed. After a thorough interview of the Editor-in-Chief, one Bulard, we were informed that Tothar had gone missing while writing a piece on the new “Arcane Gastronomy” fad. The only evidence that he was missing was the fact that he had not turned in a story that was due. After some pressing of Bulard, I determined his concern to be genuine, despite the fact that he did not deign to visit Tothar personally. With this information in hand, we proceeded to Tothar’s apartment.

Upon arriving at Tothar’s apartment, E picked the lock, revealing an empty studio apartment with no immediate sign of Tothar himself. After some investigation, E discovered a note indicating that an interview with a confectioner called Durizar, at Durizar’s Delights, was scheduled for 3:00 PM on the previous day, S62,918/D42. We decided that further investigation of Durizar’s Delights was in order. Fortuitously, M recalled hearing a yelper advertising the grand opening of Durizar’s Delights and was able to guide the team to our next investigatory location.

Duirzar’s Delights, in the silver district, is essentially a chocolatier with all products enhanced with illusion magic. The counter was staffed by two goblins, Gizzick and Gork, who immediately became nervous at the mention of our search for an investigative reporter from the Zephyr. M intimidated the goblins into taking us to find Durizar; we were led into the rear of the shop to a factory area bisected by a chocolate river. Here the goblins attempted to ambush us by initiating the factory’s magical security system: an onslaught by a being of ooze which appeared to be made entirely of chocolate. I used my magical training to personally dispatch this being and brought the goblin duo to heel. No further interruptions to our search for Durizar and Tothar were caused by Gizzick and Gork.

Upon reaching Durizar’s office, a magical trap of unknown origin injured each of us, and knocked the goblins unconscious. The door had been barricaded. As M attempted to break down the door, I searched for an alternative means of egress. The next door I opened (with the aid of E’s larcenous skillset) fortuitously contained Tothar, who seemed to have been tied up and held against his will. Within the time it took to untie Tothar, M had successfully forced the barricaded door open to Durizar’s office. The most urgent object requiring our investigation was a swirling portal in the middle of the room, through which Durizar most likely escaped. As this seemed to be the most powerful magic encountered by the group thus far, I deemed it prudent to enter the portal and investigate the magic and pursue our quarry, Durizar--who, by all evidence we had gathered, appeared to be the bad actor behind all we have seen.

The party followed me in our pursuit of Durizar, with Tothar in tow.

-- End of Day 1, volume 2--

1 As mentioned previously. Ms. Ravenwood, Elesia, shall be referred to as “E”.

2 As mentioned previously. Ms. Hellbreeze, Mercury, shall be referred to as “M”.

3 While this is certainly a creative use of magic that I had not previously encountered, its scholastic worth did not immediately appear to me to be sufficient to warrant further investigation. Furthermore, as it threatened my wellbeing and the wellbeing of my group, dispatching the creature seemed more pressing than studying it.

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