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Day 1 Canopy Date - S62,918/D43

Updated: May 31, 2021

The instructions I received from the Office of Emeritus Development come by way of an underworld Arbiter known for his interest in the Arcane. I was instructed to meet with my new contacts just inside the Warrens near the Silver District’s Encantus Blvd. The shop I was to investigate is called “Chocolate Fontaine’s.” The shop appeared to have been burgled, but the circumstances seem beyond the talents of the scant police resources devoted to Warren-related events.

Outside this confectionary’s storefront is where I first encountered the two individuals procured by the Arbiter to assist me in my investigations: *Elesia Ravenwood* and *Mercurie Hellbreeze*. While a full dossier on each will be drafted in due course, suffice it to say for the moment that Ms. Ravenwood has been tasked to assist with mundane tasks such as dealing with non-magical traps and locks, as well as engaging diplomatically with external parties. Ms. Hellbreeze acts as hired muscle who may be necessary to protect my person and ensure safety from the criminal element endemic to urban socio-arcane research.

(Author’s note: Ms. Ravenwood shall hereinafter be referred to as “E” and Ms. Hellbreeze as “M”)

We first met Mr. Fontaine, the chocolatier and our Arbiter’s client, in his recently burgled store-front. While E interviewed the proprietor and M secured the perimeter, I looked closely at the shop’s front door, which had been pulled off its hinges. While no magic appeared to be utilized in the break-in, I did note a smear of chocolate on the door. The chocolate did not appear to originate from the chocolatier whose establishment we were investigating. I quickly surmised that this would be our most compelling lead--yet, in the interest of due diligence, I, with the aid of my assistants, continued to investigate the premises.

Each of my assistants discovered what they believed to be a salient clue: E discovered that an emotional entanglement of Mr. Fontaine’s may have elicited retribution that could have presented as a burglary; whereas M discovered two discarded daggers in a rubbish bin at the rear of the edifice. In the interest of mentorship, I quietly encouraged my assistants to pursue their lines of thinking through to their ultimate conclusions, though I suspected they were chasing after red herrings.

Mr. Fontaine referred me to a Gastroinvestigative Journalist by the name of Tothar, who would be able to assist in determining the origins of the foreign chocolate discovered on Chocolate Fontaine’s front door. After some inquiries made at the Leaky Tankard while following up on E’s “Matilde” lead, I found that Tothar was employed by The Zephyr, a newspaper company headquartered in the Silver District.

In an attempt to speak to Tothar, we proceeded to The Zephyr’s offices where we met with the Editor-in-Chief, whose name I failed to procure. The Editor-in-Chief then informed us that Tothar had been missing for some time. My initial assessment suggests that his disappearance may be related to the break-in, and warrants further investigation.

-- End of Day 1, volume 1--

1 *Braggo*

2 Matilde, a former paramour of Mr. Fontaine, who we would later interview at the Leaky Tankard. Her interview did not provide actionable information, and, as such, shall not be chronicled.

3 Two ornamental daggers with the inscription “To Burtha” led us to a blacksmith at an establishment called “Granville’s Steel”. These daggers were in the bin behind Fontaine’s as the blacksmith had made a spelling error: the daggers should have been inscribed with “To Bertha”. His interview did not provide actionable information, and, as such, shall not be chronicled.

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