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A DnD 5e Actual Play Podcast

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The Set Up

Our adventurers begin their story in the world of Axys, a home-brew campaign setting dominated by an elitist Magocracy. As our less-than-likely heroes embark on a quest which they didn't realize they had signed up for, they discover that all this magic power comes at a cost; reality is fraying, and they may be the only ones - unfortunately - who can stop it.

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Jessica Lynn Verdi plays Mercurie Hellbreeze

A human warrior who fights in gladiator battles. What she lacks in smarts, she makes up for in brawn.

Link to DnD Beyond Player Sheet


Greg Loos plays Adair MacConnifer

Adair is old. He is really old. Like OLD for an ELF old. He has seen it all, from the comfort of his books and now sets off to seek more firsthand knowledge, albeit slowly.

Link to DnD Beyond Player Sheet

Stephanie plays Elesia Ravenwood

A half-elf rogue who is YOUNG. Like YOUNG for an elf young. At age 18, she enters the adventuring business after much study at university, and is sure to make her family name proud.

Link to DnD Beyond Player Sheet

Derek Lettman is your DM

Derek, Jessica, Greg, and Stephanie have been playing tabletop and board games together for years, and share a rapport that can only emerge from a long, genuine friendship.

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Producer and DM

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